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I met David and John by SH ad got a few weeks ago. Both boys looked good to chat and later on the phone. Both were married and were looking for a good time horny. I invited last Saturday. My wife was at work all day so I had instead of t me. I took off my stockings and panties blck Basque crutchless and a very short mini- skirt and a wig. A at 10:30 clock sounded at the door and looked to make sure they were, it was, so I opened the door and let in Both commented on how sexy I saw I liked. I took the stairs to the room where I had covered the bed and put on a sexy shemale dvd on things. I felt Dave was standing behind me and stroke my body, I could feel the hardness in his pants. I turned around and dropped to his postyourgirls knees and opened his zip code, opened his pants and pulled down the buttons. It came out good hard cock. I leaned forward and open your mouth. He moaned as my lips wrapped around his cock. I started sucking gently. Johnn postyourgirls had undressed and was standing behind me. I felt his hands on my body. I moved to a position of dog. Then I felt his hot breath on my ass while my cheeks apart pulld. I knew he was looking at my pussy man. Then I gasped when he found his tongue in his ass. postyourgirls He spent a few minutes and put his tongue lick around my ass. I moaned with pleasure. walked away. his thick cock was now pushing agaist my wet pussy, he pushed me back and I felt myself stretch as my pussy open and wrapped around his cock. slowly swaying back and forth, sank deeper and deeper into my pussy man eager to warm his balls resting on my ass. cock daves was falling into the open mouth. He took my head and I could not go back, not that I wanted. He grunted and groaned, when suddenly my mouth was full of his cum creamy. I swallowed pumped in more than kept sucking and swallowing his cock began to decrease. I looked up and licked my lips brave. good girl, she said. Juan now fucking my pussy with a nice long and slow axes. I pushed against his blows, my muscles seized him when he returned. My own cock was on the agenda. John began soon come faster the pleasure of his big cock in me was huge. I began to instruct him, I take more and more difficult. I wanted to feel his cock squirts hot cum inside me. Do not I have 't wait too long. with a start, groaned and felt his cock shrinking as I sowed. mmm, I felt soooo good. later withdrew his cock in my pussy reduction with a plop, I felt cum dripping postyourgirls down my balls and thighs. i long pearl falls out of my ass. Deaver had gotten hard, so I turned on my back. The liufted my waist as I opened my legs. my pussy open for postyourgirls him brave. sliud his cock in me as a hot knife through butter. I needed air. Juan has to hold, made my Sloppy Seconds me soo much more open and slippery for him. He took me by a good 20 minutes, my legs around his waist is the neck, my elbows undeKneel. while its long tail slapped me in the ass ready. dave sucked my cock until I got my ass muscles grip Johns cock, so that with a second load of cum filled moans brave my ass. postyourgirls after cleaning, we agreed to meet in two weeks, which is next week. If my wife came home, he asked if I had a good day, I smiled and said : Yes, I had done. She said I looked like the cat that had the cream. She did not know I had a lot of 'cream ' in my mouth and pussy man postyourgirls
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